Finding a Balance

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Hello again. It’s been a long time. I have been blogging in fits and starts and, for almost a year, not at all. I think about it all the time. I’ve got dozens of blog posts written in my head. But none of them made it to the computer or your inbox.

One of my biggest challenges, and I suspect yours as well, is being able to say, “No.” I enjoy helping people and making people happy and I am quite good at over committing myself out of the best intentions. Unfortunately I often fall short and feel sad/frustrated/guilty for not living up to my own expectations or promises.

After more than a year of falling short in too many places, I’m in the process of re-balancing my time as an artist and teacher (and wife, daughter, sister…). One of my priorities is to get back to regular blog writing.  I’ll share more about that soon. And more about my work. And tools I can’t live without. And events of note. Looking forward to chatting with you soon.



4 responses to “Finding a Balance

  1. Hi Ginger – I think with the problems with Facebook, and possibly other platforms, it’s time to blog again. I’m glad to see you are taking it up again. I have the same thing – lots of posts in my head, mostly unwritten. I hope you rebalance and find time for blogging. Your posts were interesting and easier to refer back to than FB. I am also looking at WordPress, because you recommended it.

    • Judith, I enjoy your blog posts! I’ll look forward to reading more of them. Yes. Quite happy with WordPress and even happier now that I finally figured out how to embed WordPress into my Wix hosted blog. ~Ginger

  2. I’m looking forward to reading your
    Blogs when you start up again. I’m also trying to rebalance my life. Thinking of you!

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