More Recycled Books: Pressed Bark Wrapped Drum Binding

Today’s experiment with recycled materials: Extra photographs leftover from another project and some beautiful bark I brought home and pressed after the same walk where I took the photos.


And after:

I used a drum binding so the photographs could be bound without stitching. They are folded such that when you open them the photo lays flat just as it was in the “before” photo. I inked the edges of the photographs to get rid of the bright white using a Staz-On ink pad. I mounted the pressed bark onto a scrap of Rives BFK and let it dry under pressure over night (a lot of pressure, think a BIG stack of books). Lastly I glued the bark cover to the inside pages. Again drying it under pressure overnight. Voila! I really love the bark cover. I’m going to have to play with that on a larger scale.

Have you used pressed bark in your books? How did it work out for you?


One response to “More Recycled Books: Pressed Bark Wrapped Drum Binding

  1. Brilliant, Ginger! I have used the soft Mexican bark paper but never thought to make my own bark covers. I just may have to try this out! Thanks for the example!

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