From the Ground Up – The Beginnings of a Studio

Yesterday we stopped by our new home and checked in on the progress. We’ve gone from flat dirt to dirt with boards, yippee! Here is the first picture of my new studio:

Not very exciting yet, is it?  I know, it takes a lot of imagination to see a studio in that rectangle of two by sixes, but then we’re artists and imagination is our stock-in-trade. I’m thinking of it as a kind of blank canvas. The potential is fantastic and, like much of my own art making, it is taking longer than I would like for it to be finished.

I was wondering – have you built a studio? If you could build a studio, what would it be like? What would be “must have” features?


3 responses to “From the Ground Up – The Beginnings of a Studio

  1. “Must have” features in a studio separate from the house: running water, a bathroom, phone and tv access, heat/ac! Sort of unexciting but critical if you don’t have them.

  2. The latest “shops” issue of Fine Woodworking magazine features woodworker’s shops, including one built from the ground up, like yours, by a master woodworker who spent years designing it. There is a lot of information that might be applicable to you. I’d make two suggestions: incorporate some form of dust management, so when you are sanding you don’t get dust all over your work. Also, they don’t look as nice, but OSB walls instead of sheetrock give you a great surface for shelves, hooks, etc. I have one full wall of OSB in my studio that I love.

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