Studio Planning: Art Making and Studio Spaces

We’re on the last leg of a long journey towards our new home and my new studio. With any luck at all we’ll be moving in the next couple of weeks. In between packing (and wondering where all this stuff came from) I’ve been looking at books about studio planning.

One of the books I’ve been enjoying was lent to me by one of my students, Viveca.  The book, Art Making and Studio Spaces, by Lynne Perrella, features beautiful and inspiring photographs. Somehow the studios look both organized and yet creatively chaotic at the same time. Since my studio has, up to this point, been more chaotic than creative, I was interested in how other artists organize their spaces so that they are neat but usable.

I was thrilled to see Pam Sussman’s studio. Pam makes artists’ books and the photos of her 1,800 square foot studio show display spaces for her books as well as functionality such as a cart with wrapped bricks to move weights wherever she needs them.

My studio will be just a small portion of that space at 400 square feet, but I’ve been thinking a cart for my Kutrimmer might be just the solution for being able to cut different sized papers – move the Kutrimmer next to a table when I need the extra support, tuck it in a corner when I’m not doing any cutting.

Some of my other favorite studios are Sas Colby’s, with it’s big doors that blur the boundaries between indoors and out, Faye Anderson’s with her large workspace wall to tack up work in progress, and Melissa Zink’s with the rich wood tables, bookcases, flat files and apothecary cabinets.

I can’t do anything about opening up the walls, but a working wall to tack up ideas and artists’ books in progress sounds wonderful and a must add to my new studio. I’d love to add some of the rich woods, too. Most of my studio furniture is white, very functional, but lacking history.

This  book is certainly eye candy for artists. The studios themselves look like works of art. You may have to stay up all night redecorating your studio after looking at this book.


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