Congratulations, it’s a Studio

Well, it took only 8 months, but the studio I’ve been dreaming of has finally been delivered. My niece, Amelia, who is 8 years old, loves it and thinks it is just the right size for her. That it has its own porch lights and doorbell just made her even more tickled. Right away she began making plans to come over and “play art” and then stay overnight in her house, aka my studio.

As I’m typing to you I am peeling wood glue off of my fingers – it doesn’t seem to matter whether I am making books or building cabinets, I have to wear the glue. Instead of bonefolders and my Kutrimmer I am using drills and screwdrivers to build the cabinets and drawer units for my studio.

My brother asked me, “Aren’t the kitchen cabinets enough? Do you need more?” Do we artists ever have enough storage? What’s funny is that Bryce, who is also a very creative person, is a packrat and rarely gets rid of anything. If anyone understands the need for storage…

This is just one of the many stacks of boxes. It turns out that I had art supplies in and tools in pretty much every room of the old house. When we were moving our stuff everyone kept commenting on how most of it was ending up out at the studio. When you put it all in one space it is a bit overwhelming. The duck – he is a wire frame model I made in 3D class several years ago. I’m not sure if he gets to stay because he’s fun or because I injured my elbow pulling and twisting all that wire. Probably both.

This is the studio bathroom. Hmm. More stuff. That’s a bag of banana tree leaves for paper making over there in the bathtub.

This is the back view behind the studio. Eventually it will be a patio surrounded by plants that can be made into paper.  Right now the only plant is one sad weed.

This is one of my favorite views, taken on the way from the house to the studio.  I’m looking forward to ending the moving and organizing phase and beginning the welcoming and working phase. Towards the end of the summer I plan to have an open studio.

Well, I’ve stalled long enough. On to the next cabinet.


7 responses to “Congratulations, it’s a Studio

  1. Congratulations! It’s a dream studio.

  2. Ginger, I work in Morgan Hill and would love to come see when you are are settled in!

  3. Ginger it looks so nice. Lots of hard work, but in the end it will be perfect.

  4. What a fantastic studio. I had to giggle at all the boxes and additions such as the wire sculpture. When I moved into my studio recently, it was also filled with boxes and a wire sculpture I made years ago. It is not nearly as lovely as your little cottage studio. What a dream!

  5. Ginger, It’s beautiful. My favorite part is the bag of banana leaves.

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