Gifts from Cathryn Miller

Artists in general are some of the most kind and generous people I’ve met. Book Artists, specifically, are especially giving of their time and talent. It is pretty easy to find free tutorials on how to bind handmade books, but unusual to find books with actual content available for free.

Cathryn Miller, of Byopia Press, offers two artists’ books for you to print and make at home.

The most recent, a DIY artists’ book (although she’s really done most of the work for you) is titled Feathers. It is beautiful! And well worth your time.


Another interesting, well designed and fun project for you to make at home is CROP. Cathryn includes excellent step-by-step instructions with photos.


I hope you enjoy the projects. Be sure to drop Cathryn Miller a line and say thank you!



2 responses to “Gifts from Cathryn Miller

  1. Hi Ginger,

    Glad you like my books, and thanks for passing them along! ; ]

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