Making Art On Days Like Today

Well, I’m a bit late on my blog post this week, but quite honestly I’m glad to be sitting upright and with a dry face. Before the election, and still, I’m dealing with a very sick kitty. Ellis has an upper respiratory infection and I have been steaming him in the shower, giving him water with an eye-dropper, and feeding him baby food off of my finger quite often each day. Every hour or so I stick my ear next to his nose to check his breathing. He is slowly getting better, but I am completely exhausted. It is so sad to see my normally bouncy, get into everything, insist on attention no-matter-what-you-are-doing kitty laying lethargic in his bed.

Then there is the election. Since you follow my blog you know that I am a rape survivor. I’ve made art about it and I’ll continue to do so. We need to stop sweeping the prevalence of sexual assault under the rug. Since the now infamous tape was released I have been in various states of trauma. The election results have only intensified that. So, yesterday I pretty much did nothing except read the news, commiserate with my friends, cry and take care of the cat.

Today I am going back to the studio. But first I started a new blog with the plan I had to make to be able to get up every day and move forward. 1,517 Acts of Kindness. I posted the first act today.

Next week I’ll try to have more arty things to talk about. In the meantime, here is a terrific prompt sent to me by my friend Audra. I’ve printed it and I’m going to put it in the studio.




6 responses to “Making Art On Days Like Today

  1. I’m so glad Ellis is doing a little better. And so sorry about the trauma you are experiencing. It’s a terrible turn of events. But thanks so much for the squirrel of judgement. He made me laugh out loud on a day when nothing is funny.

    • Judy, Thank you! And you’re most welcome for the squirrel. I love them. Greg calls them rats with good press 😉 You’ll see them in several of my artists’ books, they’re an inside joke with Greg. We also give each other squirrel cards. I’m sorry we’re not coming up to Portland this weekend. I would have been really nice to see you and Jim. Next summer! ~Ginger

  2. I agree with Greg – squirrels are rats with fuzzy tails. (-: Next summer will be great. You have an important job at home right now.

  3. The Squirrel is AWESOME!!! Thank you!

  4. I understand your feelings, I worked for creeps like Trump in my 20-30’s and have been threatened with rape several times, but I carried a lucite baseball bat and fought back. But we now have a greedy hateful person going to the White House, and his chief of staff is a neonazie. I don’t see anything good coming except more attempts at loss of civil rights for women and minorities. And that is scarry, plus older Americans are going to lose medical coverage. So much to fight for and against — it’s like Viet nam all over again. We stopped it, guess we have to be prepared to fight again. Take care, hope Ellis is feeling better.

  5. Thank you, Ginger – a lovely blog. I have posted your squirrel pic on FB – hope that is OK…Hope Brother Cat will recover soon.

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