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Book Arts Resources – Two of my Favorite Blogs

I always enjoy discovering new book arts resources. Two of my recent favorites are blogs by Alisa Golden and Donna Meyer.

Alisa Golden, author of Making Handmade Books: 100+ Bindings, writes a blog called Making Handmade Books. From the blog header, “Exploring the Crossroads of Art, Craft, and Creative Writing,” Alisa Golden covers such recent themes as “Writing an Artist Statement” and “Materials and Hidden Meaning.”

[Alisa Golden – First Class, 2007]

Donna Meyer, in her blog, 365: Make a Book a Day, posts photos and comments on the daily book she’s made. From her blog header, “This is a Daily Journal of a Challenge: to make a book a day for a year, to stretch my imagination, creativity, skills and discipline.” Donna uses a lot of recycled materials in her books, often to inform the book form and/or binding. 

[Donna Meyer – Book 92 – Snickers Bar Coptic Bound Journal, April 30, 2011]