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In Response to Hobby Lobby: A Flutter Book for You to Make and Share

This flutter book is my response to the recent Supreme Court decision on Burwell vs. Hobby Lobby. It is dedicated to my father who taught me to have my own opinions, despite the fact they are often different from his. And to Karen K. who inspires me to be myself.

Hobby Lobby Book no lines

To make this book, download the PDF.

Ginger Burrell Private Decisions (Hobby Lobby) Book

Please feel free to copy, print and make as many of them as you’d like. You’ll find the directions, below, and also printed on the book (the margin you cut off).

Do you have a different opinion about the ruling? I encourage you to make your own books. Art is a marvelous format for stimulating conversation and discussion about difficult topics.

Use your power as an artist (and as a consumer) to have your voice heard.

To assemble your book, first print on the highest print quality that your printer will produce. If you’d like a paper that feels velvety and more special than plain copy paper, try Hammermill Color Copy. (Trust me, you’ll fall in love with this silky paper.) Be careful when you print – my print dialogue kept defaulting to “fit to page” which changes the dimensions and will make your book turn out catty-wampus. It is designed to have the rose photos and haiku centered on each page.

After printing your page, fold the paper in half  (with the images on the outside). Use a bone folder to make the crease sharp.

Private Decisions  (1 of 8)

With your paper still folded, fold each end into the middle fold.  Remember to crease every fold. Unfold.

Private Decisions  (2 of 8)


Private Decisions  (3 of 8)

Now fold your paper in half lengthwise and unfold. Again, crease carefully.

Private Decisions  (4 of 8)

With your paper still folded in half lengthwise, cut your paper 3″ from the fold.

Private Decisions  (5 of 8)

Re-fold your paper in half, with the images on the outside, and cut with scissors, very carefully, from the top of the fold, down to the horizontal fold.

Private Decisions  (6 of 8)

Keeping your book folded, use the outer two folded halves and push inward. The cut halves will fold the other way, so you have an X. Lay flat and press, starting with the back page. Voila!

Private Decisions  (7 of 8)

Private Decisions  (8 of 8)

Your comments on what you think of the book, what you will do with it and/or the response you get, are appreciated.