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Setting Up a Custom Google Alert for Artists Books


Every day I get three emails from Google Alerts. Google Alerts monitors the web for new content in areas I’m interested in. One is set up for “artists books” and one is for “handmade books.” Sometimes there is nothing worth mentioning in these emails, but sometimes, like today, there were some real treasures. And, often by beginning with these links, I wander into something even more interesting.

The third is for “Ginger Burrell.” Why my own name? As artists we send things out all over  – to galleries, to collectors, on the web. Keeping track of how your work is being used or being talked about is important and nearly impossible without search tools. Google Alerts helped me find this review by Lark Magazine which included a nice mention about The Heaven Project and this mention by Denison Library about adding my book, Hands, to their collection.

Today’s goodies include:

In the “handmade books” alert, a link to Huldra Press about using a sketchbook and a link to a video version of an artist’s book by Theodore Lalos.

In the “artists books” alert, there was a link to a video by Travis Shaffer: Artist’s Book: conceptual and a link to a blog about the London Art Book Fair by Artypeeps which, when following the sidebar links led me to Artypeeps Artists’ Books page and ultimately to the treasure of the day:

The August/September issue of the Book Arts Newsletter edited by Sarah Bodman and published by the Centre for Fine Print Research, Department of Creative Arts: Book Arts, at the University of West England. And that lead to the September/October issue. Grab a cold drink (it’s going to be 100 degrees here) and stay a while. These two newsletters have seventy-seven (77!) pages of book arts information. It will take a while to load but it’s well worth it – you will be inspired.

Interested in setting up your own Google Alerts? Use this easy form.