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The Saddest Photographs I’ve Ever Taken

sandy hook photos (2 of 2)

I’m finishing up a new artists’ book about the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown. When the shooting happened I felt compelled to do *something* and I started thinking about how to represent the children and school staff who were killed. I came up with the idea of using teddy bears for the children and apples for the staff and I’ve spent several days taking school portraits. It’s gotten harder and harder as I’ve been working on the book and taking the group photo broke my heart. I’m going to release the book on Friday and I’ll tell you more about it then. In the meantime, here are some samples of the images I’m working with:

sandy hook photos (1 of 3)

sandy hook photos (1 of 2)

sandy hook photos (3 of 3)

sandy hook photos (2 of 3)