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Tools I Can’t Live Without – Teflon Folding Rib

Among my favorite tools is this wonderful folding rib that was designed by Christine Cox of Volcano Arts. If I had to choose only one bone folder to have in my studio, this would be it. I prefer options and actually have several different tools in this category, but if going to a desert island with limited luggage, this would be the one.

I can use it like a regular bone folder to score a page and sharpen a crease.

It works well with the scoring board I like to use.

It’s shape fits comfortably in my hand.

It has the benefits of a Teflon bone folder.

It smooths larger areas at a time and more easily. I especially love it for covering Davey board with paper or fabric for book covers.

It’s a dream to use for box making. The curved end gets in tight spaces and allows detail work. The square end is great for getting into inside box corners.

It is shorter than a traditional bone folder so it fits better in my pockets.

Tempted to try it? You can buy it directly from Christine Cox at Volcano Arts, or if you’re ordering from Talas already, you can buy it from them.

Do you have a favorite shape or material bone folder? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!



Tools I Can’t Live Without {Redux}

As part of restructuring my blog – and deciding what subjects to focus on in future posts – I came across my “Tools I Can’t Live Without” posts. I enjoy writing these and often get feedback about them, even years later.

These posts are also taking on a special meaning as Greg and I talk about possibilities for retirement. We’re probably 15 years out but we’re planners by nature so we’re already having those discussions. One of our ideas is selling everything and traveling by RV Van for a few years. Just the thought of a very small space both thrills and terrifies me. I love the idea of not much to clean and no room for clutter. I do not love the idea of cleaning out my studio and of trying to figure out which art tools are so important I must take them and which are not necessary.

I told Greg, “Maybe I’ll retire when you do.” He laughed and pointed out that making art is for me like breathing. He’s right. I’ll make art until I not physically able.

So I am looking at my art tools a bit differently. I often find myself thinking about the tools I’ve used that day and which I could do without. Fortunately I have a lot of time to think about this. In the meantime, here are the past “Tools I Can’t Live Without” posts.

Tools I Can’t Live Without: Teflon Bone Folder

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Tools I Can’t Live Without: The One I’m Embarrassed to Admit (to)

What tool(s) do you use in your art that you can’t live without?

Look for more “Tools” posts soon.



Tools I Can’t Live Without: The One I’m Embarrassed to Admit (to)

Remember the 1980’s when Martha Stewart was queen of all things domestic?  I sheepishly admit to being young, impressionable, and eager to emulate the perfect holiday table – even if it meant buying a whole new set of dishes.

Fast-forward to being older, hopefully wiser, free of any illusions that I will ever be Martha Stewart — and wondering why that was ever my goal. Oh, and embarrassed that one of the most useful tools in my studio has her name on it. I suppose the saving grace is that the tool isn’t pink or purple — why do companies think that women need their tools to be pink or purple?!

This nifty tool found its way into my studio when I was teaching a book arts class for photographers. One of my students, Donnasue, showed me her Scor-Pal and I was hooked. I was in the middle of making an edition of The Heaven Project  which is a post-bound book and I was scoring a lot of pages at 1.25 inches – a lot of pages! At the time I was using a quilt ruler – another favorite tool – but once I saw the Scor-Pal I had to have one.

Before I had the chance to order my own, I was trolling Michael’s with my 40% off coupon and happened upon the Martha Stewart version, the Scoring Board. And, while not thrilled that it was Martha Stewart brand, I was glad to get the board at 40% off since I was “just trying it.” I took the board to class the following week and we compared.

The Martha Stewart Scoring Board has many advantages over the Scor-Pal, the most important one being the frequency of the scoring grooves – Where the Scor-Pal grooves were 1/4″ to 1/2″ apart, the Martha Stewart board spacing is 1/8″ across the board. (Note: while researching this blog post I found that the new version of the Sc0r-Pal now has both 1/8″ and 1/4″ grooves – unfortunately still not 1/8″ uniformly across the board.)

Another advantage of the Martha Stewart board is the scoring tool itself – it is narrower and leaves a sharper crease (yet does not tear paper) than the tool with the Scor-Pal. Unfortunately neither board has grooves that really accept a standard bone folder so it is necessary to swap tools while working.

The third advantage is that the Martha Stewart board is available in local stores –  stores which usually have coupons – so not only do you not have to pay shipping, you can usually get the tool at 40-50% off.

I started to write a more in-depth review of both tools and came across a blog, Crafting with Sue, which has a great comparison of the two tools so if you want a more detailed analysis – Check it out.

I’ve been using my Scoring Board for almost two years now. I use it daily and for every possible variation of book arts structure. It saves me time and gives my books a crisp, consistent fold and makes measuring  a breeze.

Do you have a favorite scoring tool? Another tool you’re embarrassed to admit to other artists? And why do they make tools for women pink or purple?

{Update June 2018: The Martha Stewart Scoring Board has been discontinued. You can get an identical board from EK Success via Joanns.com. Scor-Pal also has a new board with 1/8″ grooves all the way across but I still wouldn’t choose it because it has a ledge on the right side that makes it difficult to use larger papers.}