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Studio Planning: Inside the Creative Studio

I went to my new studio last weekend (forgot to take a photo, can you believe it?) and it has a roof, is painted on the outside, and even has its own doorbell. How fun is that? We’re about two weeks away from moving in and I realize that I need to finish my space design before it is full of boxes!

My favorite book for studio inspiration has been Inside the Creative Studio: Inspiration and Ideas for your Art and Craft Space by Cate Cioulacos Prato. Greg gave me this book for Christmas and it has been a huge help in making wish lists and designing the floor layout for my new studio.

In addition to the gorgeous photos of studios (or as we call it in our house now, studio eye-candy) this book is full of helpful tips, stories from artists about how they designed and built their studios, and even actual space diagrams. I found the tips from each artist to be especially helpful.

The studio interviews and diagrams are bookended by helpful articles such as “Clutter Out, Creativity In: 10 Steps to a more artful studio” and “For Your Illumination: How to choose the best lighting for your studio” and my favorite,  “101 Organization and Storage Tips.” 

Since we make artists books and paper is one of our favorite guilty pleasures, here are their 10 Best Solutions for Paper Storage (p. 60)

  1. Flat file drawers
  2. Shoe Cubbies
  3. A pretty (or industrial) trash can (for rolls)
  4. Umbrella stand (for rolls)
  5. Large size zipper bags (clip them to cascading skirt/pant hangers)
  6. Wooden clothes drying rack (for rice and tissue papers)
  7. Accordion files (Attach a scrap with the color to the front of each slot or write the name of the color with a permanent marker)
  8. Archival boxes
  9. Plastic protector sheets (magazine cutouts, paper motifs, small images on found papers)
  10. Portfolios for extra-large pieces of paper (You can slide the whole thing under the bed.)

Do you have a book that you can recommend? What tools did you use to plan your studio?



Studio Update: It’s Almost Done!

We’re quickly reaching the mild panic stage as our new home and my studio are almost finished. What seemed like a dream for so long is finally coming true. For much of the last month we’ve been taking our moving prep a little bit less seriously that we should have been. (Don’t even get me started on Downton Abbey!) So now I’ve got boxes in one hand and a marker in the other. Tell me, is there a trick to this packing tape that doesn’t include wearing it?

Here are photos of my studio from today:

The open door is into the main part of my studio. The closed door is to the bathroom (there is an inside door, too) so we can take cyanotype, paper making supplies, and messy kids straight to the water sources without tracking everything through the rest of the studio. I think I know just the climbing rose for that pretty little porch.

Inside the studio, the kitchenette and desk area. Yesterday my friend Don Drake mentioned that it takes a while to reach critical density in a new studio. I wonder how long until this new space will feel like home? There is something so appealing about the emptiness of the space and yet I can’t wait to fill it with my tools and get to work.

With a few final details and a lot of inspections we’ll be ready to move in. I’ve been measuring and doing a lot of virtual shopping for what will fit where and how to organize the space. I don’t know about you but the planning is half the fun!

This week I’ll be finishing up artists’ books for some orders and shows and then it’s time to finish packing up my old studio. I’m worried about not having access to my tools and supplies. I think I’ll make a travel kit with my essentials so that I can get to them when everything else is still in boxes. If you were making a travel kit of essential art supplies, what would you include?