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Robert Dawson’s Library Road Trip

Book artists have a thing for libraries. We love books. Period. Photographers love libraries too. Rows of colored spines, amazing and beautiful architectural gems, multiples of scale – all make great subjects for photography.

I mentioned Robert Dawson in a recent blog post and, when I was searching for links to his The Great Central Valley and Farewell Promised Land projects, I found that he is on a summer-long photography trip with his son, Walker. (I never asked Bob, but I wonder if he’s named after Walker Evans?)

Bob and Walker’s project is called “An American Commons: Photographing Public Libraries Across America” and, while I’m sure we’ll all want copies of the final book that comes out of this project, we can get a sneak peek now by reading the blog, Library Road Trip.

I spent quite a lot of time wandering through the blog and I am reminded how much I enjoy Bob’s photography and how much I need to go on a road trip. The blog is also very interesting because Bob and Walker have included historical, cultural and political influences relating to the libraries they are photographing. I’m looking forward to spending more time reading the details.

Do you have an ongoing photography or other project that you’re working on? Feel free to share in the comments.