Making Art from Paint Chips: Flag Book (2 of 3)

From boxes to artists’ books made with paint chips:

In my recent Recycled Materials class the challenge was to buy no new materials.  This flag book, made by Janice Bohman, is made from found materials that highlight artistic creativity. You’ll notice postcards from dance events, gallery shows and more.

Janice had some great palette chips from a Sherwin William’s sample box. Not only were they colorful but they came pre-labelled with text that one supposes you might feel if you paint your walls that color. Words such as elated, mature, humble, saucy and vague add a terrific element to Janice’s book, they fit both the artistic temperament and perhaps the quality of the events and shows themselves. Janice cut them in half and then attached them in the back and forth manner characteristic of many flag books.

I’m looking at paint chips a whole new way!


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