One Step Forward, One Step Back – Wasn’t there just a studio there?

So it turns out that Morgan Hill has one of the more, um, careful, planning departments and even though the location of my studio had been approved, it has now been unapproved, moved and re-approved. Hence the pile of dirt  five feet farther away from where there used to be a framed foundation. Hmm.

(That’s Greg on the left, and our construction superintendent, Jon, on the right. That pile of dirt in the back, the beginning of the new, new studio.)

Apparently now the studio has to be five feet further from the fence on one side and raised up a foot more which means starting all over. Jon was worried I’d be upset, but really, how upset could I be? A studio of any kind, any where. It works for me. After talking with several friends who’ve built studios, or remodeled houses to make space for art, we’ll be lucky if this is the biggest hassle we have. On a positive note the “secret” garden behind the studio will now have more room for papermaking and other messy but wonderful art making techniques.


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