College Book Arts Association Conference: Inspiration, Technique, and More

I spent Friday and Saturday at the College Book Arts Association (CBAA) Conference and, wow, what a lot of amazing people, ideas and art!

It was great to reconnect with friends and colleagues that I haven’t seen in a while and to meet many new ones. It was also fun to meet people in person that I recognize from their participation in the Book Arts ListServ.

I spent the two days going to seminars on topics ranging from “Electronic Innovations in the Artist’s Book” to “Cross Purposes: Merging Book Art with Other Genres and Media” and going to demonstrations on techniques such as the Secret Belgian Binding and the Linked Baseball Stitch.

You do not have to be in, or associated with, a college to be a member and attend the conferences. And, even though it’s over now, you might want to peruse the Conference Program to see if this is something you’d like to go to in the future.  In 2014, the conference will be in Salt Lake City.

I’ve got a stack of inspiring ideas, techniques and people to learn more about and I thought I’d share these with you. I’ve got at least a month’s worth of blog material! Tomorrow I’ll start with some of the artists whose artists’ books I found most inspiring.

Did you go to the CBAA Conference? What inspired you?

Next: Luz Marina Ruiz


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