Studio Update: Let There Be Drywall

A quick studio update. We have drywall!

And chicken-wire. Sadly that will probably be the only chicken-wire in our yard. Despite lobbying for nearly 6 months I’m making no progress in getting Greg to agree that chickens would be a nice addition to our brood of four kitties. Fresh eggs for breakfast doesn’t seem to be enough incentive. I think I’m making progress on the a-puppy-would-sure-be-nice front, though. Stay tuned.

The front door is on the left. The closed door on the right is to the bathroom. (You can get to the bathroom via an inside door, as well.) I’m looking forward to being able to make cyanotypes and paper in the patio behind the studio and take all that wet, messy and wonderful stuff straight into the sink. No more trekking it through the studio.)

The bottom photo is a tradition Greg and I started nearly 13 years ago when we met. We take shadow pictures wherever we go. (It warms my heart that now my niece, Samantha, takes shadow pictures everywhere, too.) The thing in Greg’s hand is a tape measure. We seem to be measuring everything these days.

I’ve also started space planning and I’ll tell you some more about the books and software that I’m using for inspiration and planning in a blog post or two later this week.


4 responses to “Studio Update: Let There Be Drywall

  1. Every time you post pics I’m looking for cues to estimate the square footage. Divulge please.

    • Don,
      The studio is 16′ x 25′ including a bath, walk in closet and kitchenette. It was offered as a “casita” by the builder of the development.Thanks for asking. ~Ginger

  2. Super nice having a dedicated (and full service) space! Congrats!

  3. Hi Ginger

    Building from scratch is like baking the best pie in the world. Rolling out the insulation like pie dough. Cutting the sheetrock into proper pieces like apples. And then filling it with the spices your art, projects and equipment. Best of luck. You sound so happy!!!! I am happy for you both!


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