CBAA Member Showcase: Kent Manske, Nanette Wylde and PreNeo Press


At the Member Showcase at the CBAA conference, I had the opportunity to spend some time talking with Kent Manske and Nanette Wylde. I’ve known both of them for several years, but somehow we always meet in situations where we’re doing something for the Bay Area Book Artists and we don’t have a lot of time to chat. I’ve seen very little of their work and I welcomed the opportunity to remedy that.

Collectively, Kent and Nanette are PreNeo Press. Kent was featuring one of their joint projects, Meaning Maker, at the member showcase. To borrow their own words from their website, “Meaning Maker is a guided interactive response structure tailored to specific styles of experience.” I picked up a few of the Meaning Makers at CBAA and it was both fun and introspective to work my way through them. I think because of how recently we had many family events, I had the most fun with the “Family Gathering” Edition. I’m still thinking about the TV show that best represents my family. You’ll find six editions including “Academic Conference,” “Art Viewing,” and “Periodic Personal Evaluation.” All are worth a look. You can download them here.

I quite enjoyed Nanette’s work, which I’d really only seen in the form of  Gray Matter Gardening. One of my favorites was Hello Catty! a collaboration between Nanette and Karen Chew. It is funny, quite clever (and catty!) and beautifully made. I’m hoping I can save my pennies fast enough to buy Hello Catty! before the edition is sold out.

While you’re at PreNeo Press, take some time and look at the Projects as well as Kent and Nanette’s individual work. Bring a cup of coffee or tea and stay awhile. You’ll find the art to be thought-provoking and worth spending some time. Don’t miss the Focus Generator.

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