Valentine Art Offerings: Make and Wander

I love Valentine’s Day. Not the Hallmark, soap opera version of Valentine’s Day, but the hopeless romantic, look at the world through rose-colored glasses version of Valentine’s Day. The older I get the more realistic I am about people and the world, and yet I still just can’t help being a total softy when it comes to love and romance. Happy ending? I cry. Sad ending? I cry. At this point I just keep a boxes of Kleenex everywhere.

On Friday I’ll give you my Valentine’s gift from me to you, instructions to make an Origami Fold book with Polymer Clay Mosaic covers. But in the meantime, I thought I’d share with you other artists who have Valentine’s offerings.


Thanks to Pati of BABA for forwarding the Pixelated Popup Card by Kate at It’s a great pop-up card with downloadable templates for the card and envelope. I’m looking forward to making a bunch this weekend.


Thanks to Sha Towers from Baylor University for sharing the Books of the Heart || Heart of the Books where “The Crouch Fine Arts Library celebrates Valentines Day with an online exhibition of materials celebrating the heart and things of the heart from its special collections.” Since it is an online exhibition you can see everything from the comfort of your couch. If you click the down arrow on the Home tab you can choose from many different heart related artists’ books. There are many beautiful books worth spending some time.

Do you know of more online Valentine’s offerings? Please feel free to post them in the comments.


One response to “Valentine Art Offerings: Make and Wander

  1. It’s really all about the glitter for me. (I have three grade school aged kids), I love the pixel pop up!

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