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Memories of Love – a Vintage Valentine Flutter Book for You to Cut and Fold

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I’m  a sucker for Valentine’s Day. Perhaps it is my love for chocolate or perhaps it is the pretty cards. My otherwise non-gushy husband often gives me a beautiful, sentimental card that melts my heart for the rest of the year — (I usually hear “ditto” in response to my professions of love.)

This year I’ve made a flutter book for you using images of the valentines I remember from my childhood. Remember those pretty paper valentines with the silly sayings and thin white envelopes? One of my earliest memories is being home sick from school, laying on our teal floral couch (it was the 70’s) and carefully signing my valentines in my best penmanship.

Whether as a gift for a friend, an addition to your collection, or as a way to share with your children the valentines of your youth, I hope you enjoy. Feel free to print and share as many as you’d like.

2016 Memories of Love by Ginger Burrell

This is a big file, so be patient. Click on the title below to download. Print on nice paper. For the demo book, to avoid the stark white, I printed mine on Wausau Royal Fiber in Birch. Be careful when you print. If your print dialogue defaults to “fit to page” it won’t work quite right. The book is designed to have the valentines centered on each page.

2016 Memories of Love by Ginger Burrell

After printing your page, fold the paper in half with the images on the outside and use a bone folder to make your crease sharp.

Memories of Love Flutter Book Instructions -Ginger Burrell (1 of 7)

With your paper still folded, fold each end into the middle fold. Remember to crease every fold. Unfold.

Memories of Love Flutter Book Instructions -Ginger Burrell (2 of 7)

Now fold your paper in half lengthwise. Crease with your bonefolder, then unfold.

Memories of Love Flutter Book Instructions -Ginger Burrell (3 of 7)

Re-fold your paper in half the first direction with the images on the outside. Cut with scissors, very carefully, from the top of the fold, down to the horizontal fold.

Memories of Love Flutter Book Instructions -Ginger Burrell (4 of 7)

Keeping your book folded, use the outer two folded halves to push inward. The cut halves will fold the other way so you have an X.

Memories of Love Flutter Book Instructions -Ginger Burrell (5 of 7)

Lay flat and press starting with the back page (the iron valentine). Voila!

Memories of Love Flutter Book Instructions -Ginger Burrell (6 of 7)

For more free Valentine’s books and instructions check out:

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Ginger Burrell - Valentines Flutter Book Directions (2 of 7)

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Wishing you and your loved ones a nice holiday.





Happy Valentine’s Day: Instructions for an Origami Book with Polymer Clay Mosaic Covers

I’ve found that artists are kind and generous people. They happily explain techniques, help with technical problems and give tips about supplies and suppliers.

So, in that spirit,  I’d like to share with you the instructions for an Origami Book with Polymer Clay Mosaic Covers. We made this book in the class that I teach at Palo Alto Art Center last week and it is always fun to see what my students come up with. They are a very creative group of people! In fact, I’ll ask them if I can photograph their books and post in a future blog.

This book can be a Valentine gift or fit any other theme. While my mosaic is a heart, yours can be any kind of image. It is fun and relaxing to do the mosaic, but trust me, it takes longer than you think! If you are a patient person you can also make your tiles smaller. Mine are about 1/4.”

I’d love it if you would email me photos of the books you make using my directions. Consider it a trade – free instructions for a photo of your finished project.

Here is the PDF to download (be patient, it may take a while). Ginger Burrell – Origami Book with Polymer Clay Mosaic Covers.

However you are spending Valentine’s Day, I wish you kindness and love.



Valentine Art Offerings: Make and Wander

I love Valentine’s Day. Not the Hallmark, soap opera version of Valentine’s Day, but the hopeless romantic, look at the world through rose-colored glasses version of Valentine’s Day. The older I get the more realistic I am about people and the world, and yet I still just can’t help being a total softy when it comes to love and romance. Happy ending? I cry. Sad ending? I cry. At this point I just keep a boxes of Kleenex everywhere.

On Friday I’ll give you my Valentine’s gift from me to you, instructions to make an Origami Fold book with Polymer Clay Mosaic covers. But in the meantime, I thought I’d share with you other artists who have Valentine’s offerings.


Thanks to Pati of BABA for forwarding the Pixelated Popup Card by Kate at minieco.co.uk. It’s a great pop-up card with downloadable templates for the card and envelope. I’m looking forward to making a bunch this weekend.


Thanks to Sha Towers from Baylor University for sharing the Books of the Heart || Heart of the Books where “The Crouch Fine Arts Library celebrates Valentines Day with an online exhibition of materials celebrating the heart and things of the heart from its special collections.” Since it is an online exhibition you can see everything from the comfort of your couch. If you click the down arrow on the Home tab you can choose from many different heart related artists’ books. There are many beautiful books worth spending some time.

Do you know of more online Valentine’s offerings? Please feel free to post them in the comments.