Art and Books Along the Way: Sitka Tango

I’m thrilled to be back in the studio after three weeks of wandering through Washington, Vancouver and Alaska. I’ve got a lot going on! I’m working on a new series of books, titled Oculus, that I look forward to releasing at the Book Arts Jam in Palo Alto on October 20th.

I’m also getting ready to teach at the Palo Alto Art Center, two classes starting next week: Photographic Books and Photoshop Elements. Speaking of which, the Palo Alto Art Center is having their grand re-opening this Saturday, October 6th. I’ll be there with a make-and-take activity. If you want to come meet me in person and make a great little book to take home … be sure to come between 11:30 and 1:30 on this Saturday. I’ll give you more details in a blog post later this week.

Greg and I have recently returned from an exciting and extraordinary trip to Alaska. In addition to more than 4000 photographs that I’m just beginning to sort through, along the way we couldn’t help but collect images of artwork and stories about artists that I thought I’d share with you.

The first is a story about a dog. If you ever been to Alaska you know that dogs are a very big part of daily life there. Everyone we met had dogs, every business we went to had a resident dog, and sled dogs are part of Alaska’s heritage and sporting life. One of our favorite experiences in Alaska was to go to a sled dog camp to ride on a summer training sled and then play with the dogs and their puppies afterwards (photos above and below).

This story is about Sitka, Alaska where we met an artist and writer, Tracie Harang and her dog, Tango. We enjoyed meeting Tracie and petting Tango. They had a table set up  to sell their books right outside of St. Michael the Archangel Cathedral.

Tracie told us about how she has collaborated with her children and  Tango to create two children’s adventure stories. They plan an adventure and then photograph it along the way. When they get home they create these terrific books as a family project. We think the books will make a special gift for some children in our lives and thought you might like to check it out, too. It’s a great way to support a mom and artist who is bringing her children up as artists, too. More information and links below:

From Hearthside Books and Toys:

“Born and raised in Sitka, Alaska, Tracie Harang and her three children, Justin, Brady, and Grace are all authors, photographers, and illustrators of the Sitka Tango series.  Tango, the family dog, is the hero of each adventure story by “saving the day” at the end of the books.  Photography, history, life lessons, and adventure make these Alaskan children’s books a fun and educational read.

Our first book, Sitka Tango Explores the Causeway takes our readers on a kayak adventure near Sitka to explore WWII history. The idea to write a book was hatched while on a family trip to the Causeway 2 years ago.  We were honored to be chosen as a silver award recipient by the national Mom’s Choice Award in January of 2010!

Our second book, Sitka Tango Journey to Juneau, Alaska follows Tango and his family as they ferry from Sitka to Juneau, ride the Mount Roberts Tramway, then hike and camp on top of the ridge!  Readers learn about the importance of being prepared for surprises while hiking in Alaska. As a mom and author, Tracie’s goal with this series is to work with and teach her children about bringing an idea to life, and then marketing it.  Working together, the Harang’s are excited to share their adventures with other families!”

Sitka Tango’s Website

About Sitka Tango

Buy a Sitka Tango Book

And because  I can’t resist – a sled dog puppy photo. It took a great deal of self control (and “that” look from Greg) not to put this puppy in my camera backpack! This puppy was also, coincidentally, named Tango.


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