Inaugural Class in my Home Studio

Polymer Clay Valentine's Class

I’ve always wanted to be able to teach in a home studio and now I’m fortunate enough to have the space to do it! Last Saturday was the first class, we made polymer clay books that look like candies for Valentine’s Day.

One of my favorite aspects of teaching is that after I share basic techniques, my students create their own versions using their own ideas and vision and this class was no exception:

Stephanie used fondant molds to create elegant embellishments for each candy.

Polymer Clay Valentine's Class-2    

Polymer Clay Valentine's Class-6

Nancy made candies with debossed details and custom-made accents.

Polymer Clay Valentine's Class-3

Polymer Clay Valentine's Class-5

Carol decided that her book needed to fit entirely inside her candies and so she made thicker candies with a space for the paper to nest.

Polymer Clay Valentine's Class-4

Polymer Clay Valentine's Class-7

Polymer Clay Valentine's Class-8

Polymer Clay Valentine's Class-9

We had a great time and left with wonderful gifts for our loved ones. Thank you, ladies, for making the first class so fun!

In March , a complete change of pace – I’ll start technology classes. Greg is busy planning the large screen install so that my students will be able to learn techniques in technology programs for artists such as Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and Lightroom.


2 responses to “Inaugural Class in my Home Studio

  1. The candies are gorgeous! I’m looking forward to the Photoshop Elements classes.

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