I Think of Art at the Oddest Times…

Book press (1 of 1)

Today I went for my annual mammogram appointment. (Yes, ouch!) While I was in with the technician and she was, um, pressing the relevant parts, I suddenly started laughing. She told me that it is very unusual for someone to laugh during this process that everyone dreads.

What I didn’t tell her was that I suddenly had a vision of the book covers and finished books that I put under a lot of weight in my studio and leave overnight while they dry flat. I could just imagine those little sandwiches of paper saying “ow….” and then I took a moment to be grateful that I didn’t have to stay in this situation overnight!

A little levity never hurts and prevention is always a good thing. Are you or a loved one putting off this important medical screening? Please make your appointment soon!



5 responses to “I Think of Art at the Oddest Times…

  1. Yes! I’m not the only one…;-D

  2. Thank you …. for the laugh, and the reminder.

  3. Funny. But the photo doesn’t encourage one to make that appointment.

  4. True. Perhaps I should change it to a soft, fluffy kitten šŸ˜‰

  5. Never thought about it like that…..my poor books! I’ll have to apologize to them each time I “trap” them in my little machine, heehee.

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