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Happy Valentine’s Day: Instructions for an Origami Book with Polymer Clay Mosaic Covers

I’ve found that artists are kind and generous people. They happily explain techniques, help with technical problems and give tips about supplies and suppliers.

So, in that spirit,  I’d like to share with you the instructions for an Origami Book with Polymer Clay Mosaic Covers. We made this book in the class that I teach at Palo Alto Art Center last week and it is always fun to see what my students come up with. They are a very creative group of people! In fact, I’ll ask them if I can photograph their books and post in a future blog.

This book can be a Valentine gift or fit any other theme. While my mosaic is a heart, yours can be any kind of image. It is fun and relaxing to do the mosaic, but trust me, it takes longer than you think! If you are a patient person you can also make your tiles smaller. Mine are about 1/4.”

I’d love it if you would email me photos of the books you make using my directions. Consider it a trade – free instructions for a photo of your finished project.

Here is the PDF to download (be patient, it may take a while). Ginger Burrell – Origami Book with Polymer Clay Mosaic Covers.

However you are spending Valentine’s Day, I wish you kindness and love.