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It’s a Sidewalk! Or a Pathway, or a Walkway, or…

Studio sidewalk (1 of 4)

For a year and a half we’ve hopped from stepping stone to stepping stone, tip-toed across sheets of plywood or made running jumps across trenches. Finally, we’ve got a mud-free, trench-free way to get to the studio! Of course the kids miss the trenches and the tenuous plywood bridges, but I’m happy to have a solid way to get from the gate and house to the studio!

Sergio and his crew did a great job …

Studio sidewalk (2 of 4)

I’ve always wanted to put our initials in fresh concrete – this time it was allowed!

Studio sidewalk (3 of 4)

I’m restarting teaching classes in the studio in December. Why don’t you bring some friends, take a class and try out the new pathway…

Studio sidewalk (4 of 4)