CBAA Member Showcase: Laura Russell

Many of us in the artist book world know Laura Russell as the owner of 23 Sandy Gallery in Portland, Oregon, but did you also know that Laura is an artist? I first met her when she taught a class at the San Francisco Center for the Book where I admired her artists’ books including Colfax Day and Night and Colorado Wall Dogs.

At the CBAA conference Member Showcase I enjoyed some of Laura’s newer work especially Good Will & Salvation. This new artists’ book highlights Laura’s skill as a photographer as well honoring her relationship with her mother. The photos are vivid and interesting and the juxtaposition of the images is thought-provoking. Every day objects become still lifes of memories, cast-offs from childhood and remainders of old technology.

The use of Heidi Kyle’s woven and interlocking accordion structure allows the book to open in a traditional manner as well as be displayed in a long and three-dimensional almost caterpillar-like form. Laura makes good use of the center woven strip as an opportunity for further imagery.

Next: Kent Manske, Nanette Wylde and PreNeo Press


One response to “CBAA Member Showcase: Laura Russell

  1. Hi Ginger,

    What a pleasant surprise to see your blog post today. Just wish we had been able to chat during the craziness of CBAA. Still reveling in the inspiration from that magical weekend.

    Take care,


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