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You’ve Got to Check Out Anne & Mark’s Art Party This Weekend


So what about Anne & Mark’s Art Party? Well, you should go! And I’m interrupting my planned blog post to tell you about it because you still have time… Go during the day on Friday, September 30th or Saturday, October 1st and/or go to the Closing Bash on the night of October 1 featuring Pivot – The Art of Fashion. 

Greg and I went on Sunday and had a great time discovering new-to-us artists and enjoying artwork from familiar artists and friends. The Art Party is an enthusiastic explosion of art!

Some of our favorite new-to-us artists include Linda Steenkamp  who made the artwork at the top of this post and Malia Landis who made this ceramic piece, below, titled “California Coast.”


We were intrigued by the photos by Quinn Peck who used a layering technique where the photo was printed on multiple layers of media with different transparencies. The breeze catching the fabric top layer really caught our eyes and it created interesting changes in the image as you moved around it.


We particularly enjoyed the photography of Charlotta Maria Hauksdottir and the way her images really captured the many activities that happen in a room in the course of our daily lives.anne-and-marks-art-party-2016-12-of-19

Greg was particularly enamored with the work by Gale Antokal. I had Gale as a professor years ago and am familiar with her work. Her subjects are ambiguous and imbued with implied narrative. Be sure to click her name and wander around her website.


We were tickled to see the new work that Kent Manske has been doing since his retirement from Foothill.


And new work from Nanette Wylde, also of PreNeo Press. Each of them master printmakers.


We were very glad to get to see some of Robin Lasser’s Dress Tent series. We had hoped to go to Carmel for her show and now are even more sorry we couldn’t make it.


It was also fun to see how Jamila Rufaro and Dotti Cichon are influencing one another on their collaborative work.


And last, but not least, we couldn’t resist taking a shadow picture with this sculpture outside. I didn’t get the name of the artist, if you know, please tell me.


To get an idea of how much art there is to see, just check out this list of visual artists. During your visit, be sure to see work by Stan Welsh, Sieglinde van Damme, Jody Alexander, Barbara Boissevain, Rose Sellery, Beverly Rayner, Brian Taylor, Jay Ruland, Nancy Sevier, and many more.




CBAA Member Showcase: Kent Manske, Nanette Wylde and PreNeo Press


At the Member Showcase at the CBAA conference, I had the opportunity to spend some time talking with Kent Manske and Nanette Wylde. I’ve known both of them for several years, but somehow we always meet in situations where we’re doing something for the Bay Area Book Artists and we don’t have a lot of time to chat. I’ve seen very little of their work and I welcomed the opportunity to remedy that.

Collectively, Kent and Nanette are PreNeo Press. Kent was featuring one of their joint projects, Meaning Maker, at the member showcase. To borrow their own words from their website, “Meaning Maker is a guided interactive response structure tailored to specific styles of experience.” I picked up a few of the Meaning Makers at CBAA and it was both fun and introspective to work my way through them. I think because of how recently we had many family events, I had the most fun with the “Family Gathering” Edition. I’m still thinking about the TV show that best represents my family. You’ll find six editions including “Academic Conference,” “Art Viewing,” and “Periodic Personal Evaluation.” All are worth a look. You can download them here.

I quite enjoyed Nanette’s work, which I’d really only seen in the form of  Gray Matter Gardening. One of my favorites was Hello Catty! a collaboration between Nanette and Karen Chew. It is funny, quite clever (and catty!) and beautifully made. I’m hoping I can save my pennies fast enough to buy Hello Catty! before the edition is sold out.

While you’re at PreNeo Press, take some time and look at the Projects as well as Kent and Nanette’s individual work. Bring a cup of coffee or tea and stay awhile. You’ll find the art to be thought-provoking and worth spending some time. Don’t miss the Focus Generator.

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